First check the schedule and then fill out the form under the contact Santa tab


Hints for a great visit from Santa


Sorry, no pet photos - Santa visits many children with allergies and can not have any contact with any pets.  

Cell phone number  
- Make sure Santa has a cell phone number for the party just in case of emergencies.

Where is Santa going?

- Give Santa clear directions to the party location and have a parking spot available.  
 - Have an open spot at the end of the  driveway  This makes it easier for Santa to get in and out.  
 - If your event is at a company facility, office building or hotel, please make arrangements for Santa to park in a valet or loading area.  


-  **Important - Santa is not able to have any contact with pets.  We visit with many special children that are not able to be in contact with  animals. 

- Remember to have all your camera gear ready.
- Have all the videotape, film, memory sticks, and batteries charged so you won't miss any of those photo moments.
- Please send some of your photos to Santa for use on the website and to show friends.
- The elves have come up with some photo props to rent - see them on the home page!

Candy Canes

- Santa will have some candy canes for the children for family visits.  For company or organization visits, the organization  would supply the canes unless arrangements have been made with Santa.

Get Ready! 

- Get everyone together, before Santa enters. Timing is everything, if everyone is scattered around the house or office, you lose valuable time.  
- Santa is usually very prompt and will call you if he is going to be more than five minutes late.
- If you have a large group of children to see Santa, please assign someone to be Santa's helper and coordinate the order of children as they each visit Santa.
- Be sure to keep the other children 8 - 10 feet back so each child can have a personal visit.

The Chair

- A large sturdy chair without arms is best for Santa to sit in.
- Folding chairs and low chairs (the one's you sink into) are not good.
- Santa usually likes a chair that is sturdy and stable.    
- A good straight-back dining chair works well.
- Santa likes to sit-up or on the edge of the chair.
- The Elves have started renting out A nice Santa chair along with some toy soldiers.  See the home page for photos and details.

The Photo Setting   

- Set the chair in a festive setting, usually near your Christmas tree or other holiday setting. Think of the area as if you were in a photo studio and arranged your 'props' and 'backdrops'. You can get ideas by looking at pictures in my gallery. Place a wreath, a few Christmas cards or your children's drawings on the wall to make a wonderful difference. Even some cookies and milk make great props. Leave room for others to gather around and behind Santa's chair for group photos.  

- Avoid having a fire in the fireplace right behind Santa, it is appreciated.  His suit can get very hot!

- Think about photos with everyone. Yes, some teenagers will shy away or think it is too childish to have a photo with Santa. Don't worry; Santa can stand up for a "buddy" photo. What about grandma and grandpa? Take a photo with Santa and Grandma Hugging. And, nothing is more fun than having Santa ask Grandpa if he's been a good boy!

Santa Payment 

- Santa accepts cash, checks and PayPal. (click on
- There is a minimum of a 50% deposit for first time visits.
- If there is a balance or payment due to Santa, place it inside a Christmas card or envelope. It never looks appropriate when someone is seen paying Santa. So, as Santa is departing, hand him the envelope and say, "Thank you Santa, and here is a Christmas card from all of us."
 - Yes, Santa accepts tips.